Faces behind Chainbalance - Daan Vermin

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read
Daan Vermin

You may have met him before or worked together weekly for several years. With over nine years of experience as our Customer Success Manager, Daan Vermin has been the steady hand guiding some of our earliest clients since the inception of our company.

Daan's journey into the world of technology began with a spark, quite literally, as he put a nail in a socket – for research purposes obviously. “It wasn't the smartest move, but it certainly sparked my curiosity," Daan recalls. This fascination led him to tinker with mopeds, go-cars and normal 230V electricity technology to get to the small technical circuits and devise the programs, viewing each challenge as a puzzle waiting to be solved. It further inspired him to study Electrical Engineering at the HZ University of Applied Sciences. 

After completing his degree, Daan delved into various roles, from designing control electronics for tanning beds to managing his own Douglas perfumery store. It was during his time as a store owner that he first encountered software solutions for inventory management, igniting his passion for the intersection of technology and business. When his brother Ben asked him to join Chainbalance, his interest and wish to do more technical work were fulfilled. Now, he rotates between caring for his long-term customers at Chainbalance and his store. 

Daan thrives on being the bridge between our users and our Research and Development team, translating feedback and insights to drive innovation. With his background in inventory management, he understands the critical role optimization plays in business success. "Optimal inventory is the cornerstone of a robust company," Daan emphasizes, "and we're here to empower businesses with smart solutions." 

Despite primarily working remotely, Daan cherishes the close-knit culture at Chainbalance, fostered by open communication and mutual support among colleagues. Even from afar, he feels deeply connected to the team, united by a shared commitment to excellence.

 Daan and his family live at the shore (some would rumor the most beautiful part of the Netherlands), and they two horses and a dog, which give him plenty to do in his free time. But if he finds the time, fast cycling is one of his favorite activities to balance his work and life.