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Merchandising for the future – Smart Supply 2.9

The time has come, and after hard work from our R&D team, we can now celebrate the release of the first Version Update in 2024 – Smart Supply 2.9. The solution has many additions, from the improved homepage and increased insights into data streams or product history to two new recommendations. Let’s dive into it:

Missing sizes to complete the set

The allocated size curve for each Point of Sale (POS) is generally predefined; however, mistakes are made. With this new feature, you can check which options have an incomplete size curve in just a few seconds.

You plan your inventory, ensuring each store has the necessary sizes of your products. However, maybe an option's size isn't available in a particular store, or it's not even enabled for replenishment.

This is where the Missing Sizes recommendation comes into play. By default, it checks if a size is missing in a store but is within the enabled size range for replenishment. You can further customize it to consider all sizes or different replenishment statuses.

Improve your Merchandising quality with Missing Sizes
Missing Sizes

Non-Seller Recommendation: Take out what is not selling

Sometimes, a piece is not selling or has stopped selling quite some time ago. Maybe a size or clothing style doesn’t resonate with customers in a particular location. Identifying these items is key to optimizing your stock levels and maximizing profitability. Why block your store with inventory that is not moving?

By analyzing sales data and availability, Smart Supply pinpoints items that aren't moving off the shelves as expected. You can fine-tune the recommendation to suit your specific needs.

Enhanced Homepage

But that's not all. Smart Supply 2.9 also brings enhancements to the homepage and store status features. Now, you can easily visualize the top-selling items and gain valuable insights into your bestsellers with just one click.

Merchandising in the future with Smart Supply
New Homepage

What else is new?

  • Improved store status page with comprehensive snapshots of the replenishment status of SKU locations across different stores.

  • Deeper insights into your sent Smart Order Proposal—Download a comprehensive summary of the performance of your Smart Order Proposals on store level.

  • The expanded item history window provides users with a detailed overview of the historical data for each SKU location, facilitating better analysis and decision-making.

Continued Innovation for a Bright Future

With each update, we strive to provide the tools and insights you need to stay ahead in today's competitive fashion landscape. Smart Supply 2.9 is the latest step in our ongoing journey to revolutionize merchandising and inventory management.

Do you want to know more? Learn more about Smart Supply today and unlock a world of possibilities for your business: 


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