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Winners of the crisis - online shops and marketplaces. What potential exists and how to manage it?

Due to the closedown of brick & mortar stores, online sales have grown enormously. Marketplaces have become indispensable within the new omnichannel landscape. Initially, large platforms took a position in becoming a marketplace, but recently also major brands are evolving in that direction. And for a reason. Brands have discovered that marketplaces can help them streamline their operational process and gain more brand exposure to the right audience.

Driving website traffic

Typically, marketplaces invest considerable effort in driving website traffic. With a strong brand name and attractive products, their brand will help increase traffic towards those marketplaces. Subsequently, the marketplaces will make sure there is sufficient attention and visibility of these brands since it boosts traffic on their site. Branded products will be displayed on their homepage, newsletters will mention the brand’s products, and coupons or upselling next best offers will include the branded product range. Also, brands, like example Mango, have recently opened up their online selling channel to third-party brands in order to increase their commercial offer in complementary product categories.

Optimise operational process

However, streamlining the operational order fulfillment and replenishment process can be a big struggle for brands. How to make sure you have the right stock availability and meet the tight service level agreements of the marketplace? How to make sure you have the right products selected for these channels? How can we make sure our supply chain is a fit with this operation?

Why companies like adidas, Triumph, or Garcia trust in us

• Optimise your assortment per marketplace,

• Make sure you have the right availability for each channel, and

• Avoid replenishment delays with an automated ordering process during the night

Quick implementation

A major benefit of our SAAS software solution is that you can fully implement it within 8 to a maximum of 12 weeks. We run a pilot with the locations of your choice and the first results will be visible within 3 months.

So do you want to learn more about Chainbalance and how our partners use smart supply to increase profit and get more control over all their merchandise? Then our team looks forward to meeting you and getting to know you better.

Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
The Netherlands

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